Day 3

26. 10.


Open to Registered participants

On the final day of the conference, participants had the opportunity to join one of several parallel trainings. These extraordinary sessions aimed to empower attendees with the indispensable skills and knowledge necessary to independently navigate the digital realm. With knowledge and skills comes power and the potential for transformative growth suddenly knows no limits.


Registration and coffee


Digital investigation techniques fundamentals by Bellingcat

The workshop introduced participants to the concept of open source investigations, creative search techniques, verification and analysis of user-generated content (i.e., photographs and videos), including the basics of geolocation and chronolocation.

George Katz (Bellingcat)

Digital Security and dealing with data by Oštro

Oštro facilitated 4 sessions with 5 of their journalists, covering digital security, investigating environmental issues and social network analysis as a method of investigation.

Maja Čakarić
Maja Čakarić (Oštro)
Anuška Delić
Anuška Delić (Oštro)
Žana Erznožnik
Žana Erznožnik (Oštro)
Klara Škrinjar
Klara Škrinjar (Oštro)
Matej Zwitter
Matej Zwitter (Oštro)

Advocacy in supporting catalysts of change, defending human rights and strengthening the civic space by the Netherlands Helsinki Committee

The workshop discussed the key elements of an effective advocacy strategy to influence EU policy. We looked at key consultation opportunities at EU level in relation to rule of law and civil society space, and allowed for an exchange on how this can be linked to the issues participants are working on.

Aïcha Chaghouani
Aïcha Chaghouani (Netherlands Helsinki Committee)
picture MC
Mariana da Cunha (Netherlands Helsinki Committee)

Optional: Information session and training on how to apply for subgrants

In the context of shrinking civic space trends in the EU, the Catalyst of Change project, run by the Netherlands Helsinki Committee, aims to contribute to creating an enabling environment for civil society in five EU Member States that are in acute need of civil society strengthening: Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, and Portugal. This training contributed to strengthening local grassroots CSOs and their capacities by providing information on overall project management, from developing successful project proposals (including, but not limited to, applications for subgrants under this project), setting up effective advocacy networks and communications to budget preparation and monitoring.

Aïcha Chaghouani
Aïcha Chaghouani (Netherlands Helsinki Committee)
picture MC
Mariana da Cunha (Netherlands Helsinki Committee)