Ljubljana, the host city for DISCO, is so much more than just a tourist gem. With its vibrant culture, technological innovation, and progressive spirit, it offers a perfect setting for reimagining the trajectory of technological progress towards an inclusive digital future that embraces and empowers everyone.

Španski borci

All first day conference proceedings – the opening ceremony, panels and keynotes – took place in the Španski borci Main Hall which seats up to 360 visitors. The day concluded with a party in the in-house Internacionala Café with a cool terrace overlooking the city.

The venue is easily accessible via public transport (check out buses no. 2, 9, 11, 20, 25). There is a bike-sharing stop at Tržnica Moste and paid parking is available. Best of all, Španski borci is also reachable on foot: it should take less than half an hour to walk from the old town.

Dijaški dom Tabor

Dijaški dom Tabor hosted conference days 2 & 3. Primarily a high school student dorm, the venue doubles as a youth hostel during summer. The student dorm goes beyond just offering accommodation, boasting dedicated spaces for social and cultural activities.

Dijaški dom Tabor is centrally located, easily accessible from all directions, and within walking distance of the main train and bus stations.

Getting to Ljubljana

Take the train/bus

This might not be the most time-efficient option, but in addition to being the most environmentally friendly, it is also most relaxing. Both Ljubljana main bus station and central railway station are conveniently located in the city centre, just a short walking distance to conference venues and most hotels.


Ljubljana is easily reachable by car from all directions, but the city itself is not too friendly to cars with the old town being a pedestrian-only zone. If you arrive by car, we encourage you to park it somewhere safe and get around the city on foot, by bike or a bus.

Fly in

The closest airport is Ljubljana Airport, with direct flights from several European countries. Check out the connections and the rates here. Ljubljana airport is well-connected to the city with public transport and taking a taxi from the airport won’t put too much strain on your budget.

Other airports to consider, all with regular connections to Ljubljana, are located in Austria, Croatia and Italy. Check out Klagenfurt Airport, Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Treviso Airport and Zagreb Airport. From Zagreb, you can take the train or the bus to Ljubljana, whereas other airports are connected via shuttles like GoOpti.

Getting around Ljubljana


Really, Ljubljana is small, beautiful and convenient. Experience it on foot if you can!


You can use the city bike sharing programme BicikeLJ for free for a week after registering online for €1. More information is available here.

Hop on a bus

A single journey fare is €1.30 and covers a 90-minute ride regardless of the number of buses taken. You need the Urbana app or the Urbana card to pay for the journeys. More information about the bus service is available here.


In the pedestrian-only zone of the old town you can use the electric-powered vehicles to get around. These are mainly intended for families with young children, the elderly or persons with disabilities, but nobody will hate you for hopping on one if you’re just feeling tired. More information is available here.


Taxi service is available and relatively affordable, however, rather unnecessary for reaching the conference and/or special rates hotels’ locations. More information is available here.


We offered exclusive discounted prices for our participants in selected hotels that are both excellent value for money and conveniently located.